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A Few Thai Dishes Every Adventure Traveller Must Try

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Famously Thailand is known for its quick, cheap and frigging delicious street food. The country’s street food scene is a powerhouse contender for the best on the planet and there isn’t a city, town, village or island in the country that won’t have a food vendor on wheels somewhere. Here’s a rundown on what every adventure traveller to Thailand must try for no more than $2.


Sliced Pork- A large pork cutlet that is deep-fried and cut into finger-sized pieces. They are sold in 100-150g bags and come with a toothpick to eat on the go.

Satay Chicken or pork on a stick- BBQ chicken or pork is marinated in a sweet sauce and skewered onto a stick. It is one of the best snacks on the go. Anywhere these are sold sticky rice is also an option.

Light Meals

Pad Thai - The classic, is on every street corner. This noodle favourite takes only minutes to make and is a great light meal for any adventure traveller.

Kra Pow or Thai Basil Pork/ Chicken- A sweet, tangy and usually spicy basil sauce is combined with pork or chicken and put on top of rice. Sometimes serves with a fried egg. This is filling, cheap and delicious. It’s typically any Thai’s number one favourite dish.

Phad Prik Gang or Chili Paste Pork / Chicken- If you like heat in your food this plate has what you’re looking for. Typically it will be mixed with string bean and choice of protein and served with rice. A meal you will probably order more than once.

Som Tam Thai or Papaya Salad - Forgierns and Thai’s love this dish. There are many variations and types of Som Tam, the most popular being unripe papaya mixed with tomato, peanuts, green beans and the quadfecta of thai flavors- sweet, spicy, sour, salty. Everything is mixed with a mortar and pestle and then served. Don’t be shocked to find quite a few chilis in this dish.


Mango sticky rice- A classic and favourite among locals and visitors - this dish is rice boiled with coconut milk and sugar to make it sticky and placed on top is a sliced mango.

Fresh Fruit - Fruit stalls are a lifesaver. They are always around to get a portion of your favorite fruits like pineapple, mango or apple when you get that craving for something healthy.


Coconuts - Coconuts carts are everywhere. Watch as they slash open the nut with a giant machete and pour the fresh coconut water into an ice glass. Possibly the most refreshing thing on a hot day.

Smoothies - A backpacker favourite is to get an iced smoothie. The cheap fruit shake is healthy (ask for no sugar if you want it truly healthy) and delicious. This is Thailand's answer to a hangover.

Coffee - Open-air coffee shops and stalls have become more popular throughout the cities. These places serve take-away coffee that is really good and often cheaper than the indoor coffee shops. Coffee has become important in the last decade with a coffee shop on every corner.

This is merely the beginners guide to some Thai food favourite. It can take years to uncover the endless creations, flavours and recipes this country has created. Have you tried any on this list? What's your favourite and what would you recommend?

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