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10 Reasons to Visit Thailand As An Adventure Traveller

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If there haven’t been enough people telling you how gorgeous Thailand is and how you need to visit. Here is a fine list of the top 10 reasons to get to Thailand right now!


The beaches are world class. White sand, blue water and filled with marine life. You’ll find secluded beaches to relax and sunbathe and popular ones with water sports and beachside restaurants. Some beaches around the country host huge parties, while others are a great place to start a scuba dive. Luxury holiday makers and adventure travellers alike are sure to find a beach that's right for them.


1 out of 1000 might say they didn’t enjoy the food in Thailand, and they’re probably the kinda people that only eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches. The food in Thailand is just so good! Albeit a little ( maybe a lot) spicier than the food you are used to eating. You’re sure to find at least one dish here that you’ll be addicted to.

The People

The country is often coined as ‘The Land Of Smiles’ and it didn’t get that name by being full of a bunch of pricks. Thais are genuinely very friendly people. They are gentle-tempered, well mannered and really, really helpful.

The Ease

It hasn’t become one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet by being hard-core and difficult. Thailand is set up to make it easy for travellers and tourists. Transportation, tourist info and finding accommodation - it’s all pretty straightforward. Even though the language is tough, you’ll find that it’s still quite easy to pass with English in Thailand.


From the narrow neon streets of Bangkok to the city's highest rooftop bars and down to the party’s in Phuket's beach clubs, the nightlife is some of the best worldwide. Whether you're a backpacker, luxury or adventure traveller there something for you. Beer towers, buckets, or posh cocktails, Thailand makes for some unforgettable nights.


It’s not just all white sand and partying in Thailand. There is a fascinating culture waiting to be discovered. Most of Thai culture and way of life revolves around the Buddhist religion. Take a peek at some of the famous temples throughout the country and uncover what makes Thailand so beautiful.


Few places left in the world are actually still cheap to travel. Thailand can truly boast about being one of the most affordable places on earth to visit. Accommodation, food and transport can be found at rates you won’t find in any other region on the planet. The truly great thing is the spectrum of cost. If you want to eat a cheap meal for a few bucks you can put the extra money into upgrading to a better hotel or hostel. If you stay in cheap dorms you can upgrade from a bus to a flight. Being able to pamper yourself without breaking the bank makes Thailand a real winner.

The Weather

No matter what month you visit Thailand, you can always find the sun shining somewhere. The tropical weather calls for shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops nearly the entire year. There is a rainy season but shuffle to the north of the country and you’ll find fair weather.


You’ll wonder how it’s possible for so much commerce to take place in one country. The amount of markets and shopping centers borders on absurd. From knock-off goods to electronics, and jewelry to high-end fashion - you are either a hero or crazy if you don’t leave without buying something from Thailand.

The Diversity

Visit a remote beach island one day, a green spacious jungle the next and the following day live it up in a world class city. Thailand has some of the best of everything. You’ll never be out of things to see or do in the big city of Bangkok, and once the city becomes too much to handle, retreating to a peaceful island or going on a camping adventure in the forest is never far away.

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Lucy Emmons
Lucy Emmons
Nov 29, 2023

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